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2nd job:

If you reach the 40 job level with a 1st job character, you can transfer to 2nd job. But it is rewarding to reach the 50th job level, because you can distribute more skillpoints and skills. A player could specialize to 2 way:


The Blacksmith van become from the merchant job. It has lesser healt point than a knight, but it dont fall away from the other warrioir jobs by damage (it can be beyond their power by lay down some money). It can forge special weapons.
It's a typical melee character like a swordsman with a lot of healt point, great attack, it's a really tank. It can be faster than the other jobs character by ride a pecopeco, and it can do a long range damage.
One of the most popular jobs, because it's effective with low player skill level. It can't use bow type weapons, but it can invisible sneak (cloaking), do a significant damage and it has a lot of health point.

It is a very powerful variant of archer. it can install different traps, buy falcon what escort the hunter to everywhere and it can help to the hunter in battles.
Its magic power and damage is more than a Magican, and it can extend to area its elemental magics. It may be the most effective if there are a lot of enemy, so it is useful to defense the castle.

It is the most important complementary job, it has more blesses and curses than an acolyte and its magic power is also a lot more. It's welcome in every party and every clan need a priest, especially at WoE. It can easy destroy the undead monsters, that is why it can reach the maximum base- and joblevel very fast.
It is the more powerful variant of the merchant, but it is a very difficult job. Its attack falls away from the other warrioir jobs, but it can summon different plants, what help the alchemist and its team, it can make special potions by what is dropped away, the alchemist can charge, or help its teammate. It can bring up a homonculus what is a special pet and it complete the alchemist's poor attack.

Like a knight, this job develope from the swordsman, it has a lot of health point and a great attack and it can ride a pecopeco. It is better for defensing than attacking with its defending auras what it can extend to the others. It is effective against demons and undeads.
It is more effective by bow type weapons and steal the monsters more easily like a thief, and it can move in hide. It can divest enyone's equipment for a time and steal 1st and 2nd job's skills, what beat it before.
Bard / Dancer:
It is the one job what the male and female charaters have different skills.
It can develope from archer. They weapons are bows, but the bard uses instruments to his musics, and the dancer uses ropes to her dances. They can help their teammates or hold up their enemies with their dances/songs.
It's a developed magican, who can walk while it conjures. It is a serious enemy with its secial skills, especially of the wizards (but most of them need a chatalyst). This job is recommended to skillful players.
It is a fighter develope of an acolyte. It is equal of other fighter job by its martial skills, and it can use the acolyte's blesses, curses and heal. It can do long range damage with soul spheres, and can become near to invulnerable by use its mental power. It can focus its power to one powerful attack, but after it the monk don't get mana points for a few time.

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