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1st job and High 1st job:

The 1st job is what the Novice can change into after 10 job levels.
After the character has rebirthed, he/she becomes a Novice once again, but this time a High Novice.  When High Novice class characters reach job level 10, they can get their old job's developed version, the so-called High 1st job. It's the same as the 1st job, but they'll get more stat points by levels, and have more health- and spellpoints(HP and SP).

"Everything can be bought,  including YOU!"
Merchants can buy under and sell over the normal price, create shops with their Vending skill, and carry carts. Don't fall away from the others in the battle.
They can become either Blacksmiths or Alchemists.
"Those who are fearless enough to jump in to the front row of a battlefield will be given a sparkling sword." - Ikariam
Swordsmen are melee warriors with good stamina and damage, experts of using swords - both one- or two-handed -, spears, able to carry shields and other heavy equipments . They can change into Knight or Crusader.
Thieves inhabit the desert city of Morroc. They mostly use Daggers to do good melee damage with Double Attack, but in comparison with Swordsman they have lower stamina and damage, but they're far more agile. Thieves are able to steal random loot from mobs, hide in danger, and use not only Dagger, but Bow class weapons too!
A Thief later can become either a deadly Assassin, or a stalking Rouge.
Masters of Bow, the Archers fight from long range away from their foes.
Since they're ranged warriors, their weakness is the meele combat, but till you get in close range you'll suffer serious damages from the arrows used with the Double Strafing skill. Archers can use only bow class weapons effectively(although they're able to use Daggers to.)
Archers can change into Hunters, or follow a very unique road as a Bard/Dancer.

Its stamina is a bit poorer than the archer's one, but it can balance this wit its magic. Beginners can manage it, but it is offerd to the skillful players. It can become to a Wizard or a Sage.


It's a sort of a youngpriest, it can bless and heal itself and others. It's important, indispensable complementary for a party, for a guild. It can easily beat undead monsters whith its heal skill on its own. It can become to a Priest or a Monk.

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